Friday, 28 October 2011

Healthy Hair

Ever wondered how some women have such shiny, soft and healthy looking hair? Well, it's no secret that beautiful hair begins with proper care, time and attention! It's important to treat your hair with care when in the shower, to when you are drying and styling it. Here are some tips to help coarse, frizzy and dry hair:

  • The first tip is to make sure you pat dry your hair after you come out of the shower. Never rub or scrub your hair with the towel this will make your hair dry and frizzy, instead gently pat the moisture from your hair. Always brush your hair with a comb when 80% dry and remember to comb from the tips to the roots to avoid any breakage.
  • One of the most important tips for healthy looking hair is to always condition! We get frustrated when we find out some women don't condition. You shouldn't be afraid to condition and most people don't even use enough. Don't worry it won't make your hair oily or less voluminous. Make sure you have quality shampoo and conditioner that does the job. The best way to apply conditioner is at the middle of your hair and below then rinse with cool water. Cold water closes the cuticle, allowing it to shine and reflect light.
  • Your hair's worst enemies are blow dryers, flat irons and curlers if used incorrectly! So make sure you don't hold the dryer too close to your hair. And use a heat defense spray to create a barrier between your hair and the dryer. Make sure you don't straighten your hair on a daily basis as it can dehydrate your hair. If so, then use a ceramic flat iron.
  • And finally, use the right products! Natural products are clean and moisturize your hair hence it is healthier for your hair. You can also use a leave in conditioner to hydrate your hair giving it a healthy and shiny look.
Hope that helps guys.


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