Sunday, 30 October 2011

Vitamin E

Just before sleeping, apply the “liquid” found inside vitamin E capsules to your face. You should buy the liquid vitamin E capsules and not the
dry ones. To use the liquid inside the capsule, simply cut a tiny opening in the capsule, using a pin or a sharp knife. You should then rub the liquid all over your face and make sure it absorbs into your skin. Vitamin E helps ease sunburn inflammation, softens the skin and speeds up the healing process. However, contrary to the myth, vitamin E cannot repair scar tissue, as recent studies have shown.

The molecular structure of vitamin E is very large, so each individual molecule can clog the pores. We recommend using very small amounts of pure vitamin E each night for people with normal skin. If you have sensitive skin mix vitamin E in a 1:4 oz. ratio with jojoba oil. The tiny molecules of the jojoba will penetrate the skin’s pores, open them up and draw the vitamin E in after it to the deeper portions of the dermis, where it can actually benefit the skin.


  1. i break a vitamin E capsule and apply it every night!! didn't think of combining it with jojoba oil but that's so smart!

  2. thanks will try it with jojoba oil.

  3. Excellent tip .... Creative website
    Keep the hard work n good luck 


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