Sunday, 23 October 2011

NCLA Boogie Nights Nail Art Wraps Collection

The newest and trendiest invention are the nail wraps or foils. The latest nail art foils signed NCLA is titled Boogie Nights and the name of the collection. Glamorous and interesting the NCLA Boogie Nights nail collection features 5 amazing foil designs that will make you addicted to nail art.

Nail wraps are nail art designs imprinted on foils which then adhere to the nail bed for an easy and flawless sophisticated nail art design. NCLA's nail art foils are super easy to use and don't require a professional touch. The foils are ready for use and don't require heat lamps or drying time, all you need is a clear nail polish/top coat and your favorite wrap sheets. The collection includes the following designs that will make your nails ridiculously hot:

  • Ruby - glam and star shiny ruby red
  • Electro- retro fine multi tonal stripe effect
  • Gold Dust - twinkle gold tones glam effect
  • Mission To Mars - old school pixel mix
  • Blush - interesting floral style on a white base

    1. I like the one that almost looks like Tiger Eye - the first one...! You know, I came so close to buying some gold foil wraps the other night but then I chickened-out! They just look very daunting to apply. Gotta get my nerve up for fashion!

    2. This is amazing! I love to follow your posts you're an inspiration!

      see mine?

    3. Nail art is fabbb!
      I love the ones in the second last photo. Such a trippy print!
      PS. There's a giveaway on my blog worth $80++ if you wanted to join! ;-)

    4. Must have, i want to try them.

    5. HI there!!!

      Nice blog!! I've just discovered your blog because of a comment in another blog! :) It's so cool!! Congrats!!! you are SO TALENTED!

      I'm searching nail wraps here in Barcelona but I don't know where to find them!!! :(

      Besos from BARCELONA!!!

    6. they are so nice i want them all, you have an amazing blog, following you now.

    7. ooo i love the first one!!
      is there a trick to get them to stay on long or just really for one night?

    8. Great blog you have here!:)

    9. Oh my...those floral nail stickers are AWESOME!!
      i need to follow i meant... :D



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