Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Amazing Backstage Makeup Tips

Models are also normal girls who struggle with skin problems and tired eyes. These amazing backstage makeup tips turn them into real goddesses. Experiment with these tips to see its magical effect on your look.Accentuate Eyes Trick: Philippe Chansel shares his show stopping makeup secret. In order to bring out the white and cleanness of your eyes, it is wise to apply a lovely hue on your lids. Use sheer yellow, turquoise, green or purple to bring out the most of your makeup.

Natural-Looking Glow Trick: Peter Philips is one of the pro makeup artists in the industry offering us his trick of building up a natural-looking glow. In order to highlight your cheekbones use a pin-tinted bronzer and crown your look with a matching rosy pout. 

Sparkling Eyes Trick: St├ęphane Marais knows how to make a real statement with our glimpse. In order to attract immediate attention with ultra-sophisticated makeup, it is highly recommended to use a diamond-like white shade. Define your lower and upper lash lines with this fabulous hue. For extra glamor complement your eye makeup with a sheer peach, rosy or creamy eye shadow tone. 

Define Eyebrows Trick: Anthony Pazos offers his trick of having perfectly defined eyebrows. In order to create a natural-looking effect use a brow gel rather than a pencil. These formulas will make your brows darker. If you're not pleased with the result use a brow pencil in a color that's 1-2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. 

Perfect Eyeliner Trick: Makeup artist Tom Pecheux reveals his secret of the perfect eyeliner application. In order to achieve long-lasting hold of your eye makeup it is wise to avoid all lotions and creams on your lids. Instead, you can use some concealer to prep the base for the eyeliner. Due to the thicker formula it will secure the smudge-free effect of your makeup. 

Glowy Skin Trick : Talia Shobrook is the makeup artist who envisioned the most fabulous looks for the Marchesa fashion shows. This time she offers her trick of creating a radiant and flirty complexion. The secret is to apply highlighter before foundation offering the skin more luminosity and refinement.


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