Thursday, 15 September 2011

Natural Remedy | Coffee Bean Body Scrub

Both coffee and sugar work to cleanse, smooth and improve skin texture. Sugar is an excellent exfoliator and coffee reduces the appearance of cellulite.

150ml finely ground coffee beans (you can use the left over grind after having made coffee)
150ml finely powdered brown sugar
sesame oil or any desired oil

Mix the ingredients with enough sesame oil to create a thick, yet soft paste that will allow for an easy application. Moisten your skin and then massage the scrub on your entire body starting from your feet upward in long firm circular motions. After Rinsing thoroughly apply a thin layer of honey across your entire body (this is optional), after 5 minutes rinse the honey off and follow with body lotion.


  1. sounds great!

  2. NICE... but is this only for the body? can one do that on the face too ??

  3. The coffee bean helps improve blood circulation under the skin, so you can use it for your face but instead use gentle circular motion. Hope this helps xo xo

  4. Great tip! Didn't know that about coffee and sugar!



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