Sunday, 4 September 2011

Heat Defense

Hair can be susceptible to damage from the sun, environment and heat application so it is important to give your hair added protection and use the correct products dependent on
which your hair is exposed to. Protecting your hair from thermal applications, such as straighteners, dryers or tongs is critical, especially if you have long hair is important and we use an amazing heat defense spray; The John Frieda Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray, which activates when you add heat to your hair and leaves it soft, shiny and conditioned.

  • Provides styling spray
  • Works with heat tools to smooth and straighten hair
  • Leaves hair soft to the touch
  • ThermaGuard Complex protects against damage

Remove trigger clip before use. Spray throughout damp hair then blow-dry hair and finish with a round brush for a smoother look.


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