Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kate Winslet Covers V Magazine | The Heroes Issue 73

Kate Winslet pays homage to the late Elizabeth Taylor for a memorable photo shoot with V magazine. We've been seeing a lot of old Hollywood actresses making a come back lately such as the Dior J'adore ad which featured Grace Kelly, Marylin Monroe and Marlene Dietrich which are all the epitome of beauty, femininity and style.
Now Kate Winslet has been chosen for The Heroes 73rd issue to pay tribute to a scarlet. Kate looks beautiful in the editorial as she talks about her life and opinion on old Hollywood glam actress. Kate tells V magazine that "There was a real fearlessness in her...which in Hollywood perhaps didn't feel quite as prevalent. Now actors and actresses can bend the rules a lot. Back then, there didn't seem to be a rule book, and there was some expectation in terms of how glamorous a woman should look. There is sort of a coolness and aloofness to the way she would look in posed photographs. In candid snapshots she was really quite soft, and she would really screw up her face. I do that as well." With great amount of confidence and femininity we believe she is the perfect Hollywood actress to portray Elizabeth Taylor and are quiet similar in some ways.


  1. she absolut looks great in that pic!!

  2. nice picture :)

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  4. I love Kate as Elizabeth Taylor! I can't think of a more perfect match. Thank you for posting this!

  5. wow.. Kate is SO beautiful..<3 and great photos.. I like you blog, I'll back here:). xo, xo,

  6. Ahh she looks awesome! What a great shoot.


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