Sunday, 4 September 2011

Seventeen Magazine | Zoe Damacela

From a homeless shelter to the cover of Seventeen's 'Pretty Amazing' October issue 2011, Zoe Damacela:
Yep, she's pretty amazing and an inspiration to all girls out there! Zoe Damacela truly has an
amazing story to share with all of us. She was once homeless but never gave up on her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She began sewing at the age of 14 and hasn't stopped since, now at the age of 19, she is running a successful clothing business; Zoe Damacela Apparel, all of which are custom made designs by herself. She reminds us all that with a little bit of passion, heart and soul our talents can be put to good use! Get inspired by her, pursue your dreams and push the limits.


  1. I like so much this blog. If you can check out mine please.

  2. Wow I've been eager to find out the winner of Seventeen's contest and it's nice to see that Zoe won! Her story is really inspiring and really deserves to be the winner of the "Pretty Amazing" contest! Congrats to Zoe! (:


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